Friday, 4 April 2014

Stuart Henry (1942 - 1995)

Stuart Henry was born in Edinburgh in 1942 and trained as an actor by chance one of his first roles as a professional actor was to play a DJ. He liked it so much he before he joined Radio Scotland as pirate jock. Chronic sea sickness prevented him from broadcasting from the ship (Comet) so many of his programs were pre-recorded or broadcast from the mainland.

Stuart’s show was immensely popular and he was selected to join the Radio 1 stable when private radio was made illegal. Stuart was the master of understatement and spoke with a gentle East Coast accent which endeared him to his audience. He presented 'Midday Spin' (1967 -1974) as well as the Saturday Morning show (1966 -1967).

When Stuart began to slur his words regularly on air his superiors thought he was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Somewhat controversially Stuart’s contract with BBC was not renewed and he left to join Radio Luxembourg in 1974. Soon after the DJ was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Throughout his career with Radio Luxembourg he battled with the progressive disease and continued to broadcast until the illness finally overtook.

By his side always in the studio was his wife Ollie. Stuart was always enthusiastic about the records he played and did much to introduce new acts to the listeners of Radio Luxembourg. He was a compassionate man and expressed his concern for ecological issues, as well as the plight of runaways living rough. Stuart died in 1995.

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