Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Pathfinders (aka Jason's Flock, White Trash, Trash and Cody)

In the 60s a popular Glasgow dance hall was the Flamingo (The Flam) in Paisley Road West.

The Pathfinders replaced the Poets as the resident band and concentrated on singing cover versions of American soul and Tamla Motown. The band was made up of Timi Donald (drums), Neil McCormick (guitar), Frazer Watson (replaced McCormick in 1967/68), Ronnie Leahy (organ), Colin Morrison (bass) and lead singer Ian (Clewsy) Clews.

The group briefly changed their name to Jason's Flock in 66-67 to reflect psychadelia but reverted back to the Pathfinders before moving to London and signed to Apple in 1968. As the Pathfinders they were tagged the 'soul jukebox' and Clewsy was a talented singer and stage performer . The group did record some demos but with no commercial success. They also were offered, but refused to release Loving Things and record Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Both songs went on to be big hits for Marmalade.

The change of name to White Trash came at the suggestion of Richard Di Lello (The Longest Cocktail Party) when they signed for Apple. White Trashed gigged as the backing band for Marsha Hunt before they recorded two singles in 1969; ‘Road to Nowhere/Illusions’ and ‘Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight, ’ (before it was released as a Beatles track on Abbey Road) .Neither made a major impact although the latter did enter the lower part of the UK charts.

Controversy over the band’s new name saw them drop “White “ and the group were known thereafter, as Trash. Increasing frustration at Apple meant the band was disgruntled and Colin Morrison left to open a tailoring business. They continued for a short time as a quartet but eventually Frazer Watson left and he was replaced by Noddy McKenzie. The band renamed themselves Cody in the early 70s but broke up in 1973. Ian Clews retired from the music scene in the mid seventies and now lives in the California as a horse rancher.


  1. Hi I used to go to gigs in Glasgow in the mid 60s to see Pathfinders. I think one of the dance halls was in Pollockshaws. Can anyone remembers? Brilliant band. Can you also recall their playlist especially their Tamla covers? Nigel Abbey

  2. I now own a Guitar that the original Pathfinders used and it had their name painted on in script "The Pathfinders" it is a old 1957 Hofner and it still plays and sounds great

  3. I too remember The Pathfinders around the mid 60's, they had a regular slot at The Place club in Edinburgh, they were amazing...there wasn't a band out there that could touch them on Tamela covers...happy days!!

  4. I remember them playing in the Picasso in Glasgow

  5. alex mcaulay 26/8/2017 07.03
    remember the pathfinders very well at the "Flam", great times indeed